Products by Type - Electrical Manufacturers

National Electric Supply offers a wide range of electrical tools and electrical supplies to meet your specific project needs. We stock a full line of electric supplies to complete most any job. National Electric also carries a variety of renewable energy products and solutions for your solar pv and green projects. See our manufacturer links for product information, data sheets or specifications. You may also download our Complete Line Card, Renewable Line Card, and Efficiency Line Card.
National Electric Supply Electrical Components

Chemicals and Oils Paints Lubes Adhesives
Outlet Boxes
Conduit Raceway Wireway and Fittings
Controls Contactors Switch Boards Push Button Starters and Relays
safety equipment and hand tools and power tools and specialty equipment
Distribution circuit panels and meter sockets and breakers
Support systems and electrical fasteners
Fuses and Protective devices and electrical grounding equipment
Terminating equipment and splicing tools and Marking tools
Electrical Heating and Electrical Ventalating and electrical fans
Transformers and Power Conditioners and power supplies
Industrial Automations equipment and Industrial control equipment
Electrical Vaults and Electrical pedestals
Electrical Instruments and electrical testing equipment
Electrical wire and electrical wiring and electrical cable
lighting and lamps and ballasts and fixtures and lighting control
Wiring Devices
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